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Perhaps you need a new building, some new technology, or a new program. You want to grow and expand, so you’d like to start a campaign. But do you have everything in place to begin? Ensuring campaign readiness will help you to prevent any setbacks during your campaign.

Before you spend the time and effort of performing a careful internal assessment or putting together a campaign planning task force, you need to make sure you meet some basic criteria.

Thirteen Campaign Readiness Indicators

  1. Your CEO has been in place long enough to know key prospects and be known by them.
  2. A strategic plan, focused on outcomes, is in place.
  3. Your organization is known for offering quality programs.
  4. Preliminary campaign goals are based on established plans and needs of the organization.
  5. Fundraising staff understands campaigning and is ready for the challenge.
  6. Key donors and board members are ready to make leadership commitments.
  7. Candidates for strong, committed campaign leadership are identified.
  8. A donor constituency large enough to support the campaign is available.
  9. A compelling written case for the campaign is in place.
  10. The institutional resources required to undertake the campaign will be committed.
  11. Your organization’s visibility in its community is positive.
  12. Your organization has had campaign success before.
  13. There are few directly competitive campaigns occurring at the same time.

While you don’t need to meet all thirteen of these campaign readiness criteria, you should have at least eight or so. If you don’t, you probably need to do some more work before your organization can begin its work on the campaign.

achieving-campaign-goals-RGB-COVERAchieving Challenging Campaign Goals

When planning a campaign, you’ll need to consider the various areas of need within your organization, and also determine where it’s all going to come from. This guide will help you set challenging fundraising goals that fit your organization’s needs and resources.

Download the Guide >

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