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Infographic: A Basic Analytics Road Map

Is your fundraising team using analytics to enhance its strategy? It’s an increasingly popular buzzword these days, but it might not always be clear what goes into it or how it can improve your program.

In the world of fundraising, analytics encompasses a variety techniques that use data to analyze donor engagement, research prospects, predict donor behavior, evaluate your development program, and project future fundraising performance. Continue reading


Five Identifiers of a High Quality Fundraising Prospect

This is a guest post written by Kim Becker Cooper of DonorSearch. DonorSearch is a strategic partner of Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt.

The National Basketball Association has long griped over how to decide the league’s best player. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is supposed to go to the league’s top player, but there’s argument over what the word ‘valuable’ means.

Is the MVP the best player on the best team? Is he the most irreplaceable player on a team that would be much worse without him? Is he the player who has the most memorable games and moments, despite lagging behind others in certain metrics?

As with crowning the NBA’s MVP, discovering your best fundraising prospects does not boil down to a single piece of criteria.

There are several qualities that can help identify the potential donors who can give the major gifts that will lead to your organization’s success.

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Leadership Strategy

Creating a Leadership Strategy and a Roadmap for Personal Success

A Three Step Guide for New Nonprofit Leaders in a Competitive Environment

You’ve just overcome the competition and were offered the leadership position at your nonprofit organization of choice. But, if you believe that you’ll walk in to find a  smooth running development operation, a culture of stewardship, a pristine database and technology system, absolute financial transparency and a Board that is fully engaged in the philanthropic process — you should re-think that assessment. Continue reading


Clyde Watkins Featured in Fundraising Management Software Report

Making the most of donor management software can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a fundraising program. Outdated methods, like using old software or tracking donations manually through spreadsheets, lack powerful tools like automation and in-depth reporting that can improve an institution’s efficiency and strategy.

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Service Spotlight: Campaign Planning

With the year coming to a close, many of us are getting ready to travel, to celebrate the holidays with family and treat ourselves to a well-deserved vacation. But what seems like a nice break often takes a great deal of preparation. When we make our travel arrangements well enough in advance, we can get better deals on flights and hotels. We plan activities so that we know what we’re doing once we get to our destination. Some good planning ahead of time makes our trip relaxing and fun, rather than an anxiety-inducing scramble.

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How to Celebrate your Donors

Do you and your organizations CELEBRATE your donors?

I’m not referring to acknowledgment, recognition or stewardship, but actually celebrating their role in advancing the mission of your organization. Oftentimes nonprofit organizations get mired in the processes and procedures related to gift acknowledgement and recognition systems. Those are important elements of a successful development operation and should not be taken lightly. But by celebrating the gifts bestowed upon our organizations from our varied donor constituencies, we develop stronger, sometimes lifelong, relationships. Continue reading


Going the Extra 3,000 Miles

For all of us who work at TW&B, spending time on a client’s turf is essential. On site visits, personal meetings, and any other form of direct interaction with the real-life places in which our clients operate is critical for us. This interaction is key for us to shape a case for support, discover fundraising challenges and opportunities, and to develop a plan to advance each organization’s mission. In the case of TW&B client, Cofan Survival Fund (CSF), the “turf” is 1 million acres of the Amazon tropical rainforest in Ecuador, for which the indigenous Cofan Tribe has legal management authority and in some cases, legal title.

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Service Spotlight: Executive Search

Talent acquisition for any organization is a monumental undertaking. In the non-profit sector it is especially challenging. That’s why organizations reach out to TW&B to assist them in finding accomplished professionals to meet their staffing needs. Given our experience both as chief development officers and consultants, we know how to recruit proven leadership.

Our goal in all of our searches is to identify  the best candidates matching both experience and personality to the needs of the organizations we serve.  Whether it is conducting a search for a chief executive officer or a chief development officer, TW&B’s extensive regional and national network of organizations, institutions, and professional affiliations, gives our clients access to top-notch candidates.

Our process includes interviews with key senior management and board leadership to determine the type of candidate being sought. We  prepare a position description to aid in our efforts to  seek  potential candidates from our network of nonprofit contacts. After conducting extensive screening and interviews, we present our clients with excellent candidates which meet their requirements.

To learn more about our Executive Search services, please contact Heidi Waltner-Pepper at [email protected] or call 312.222.0560.