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What’s the Real Impact of Social Impact Bonds?

In the past ten years, social entrepreneurship has grown from a theoretical model to an outright trend. We’re seeing more and more techniques from the business world applied to resolving cultural, social, and environmental issues. This hybrid model is, in concept, a win-win – creating a profitable business that changes the world for the better. The emergence of high-profile Social Impact Bonds in recent years is part of this trend. While they’ve created a lot of buzz, a lot of us in the nonprofit world have wondered how – and how well – do Social Impact Bonds work?

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Six of the Biggest Challenges on the Horizon for Nonprofits

One of our roles as consultants is to help our clients maintain focus on long-term strategy. The pressures of the day-to-day tend to force most institutional leaders to resort to short-term solutions. As the old adage goes, “It’s difficult to remember, when you are up to your ears in alligators, that your main job is to drain the swamp!”

Part of our responsibility is to always be thinking months ahead, preparing our client to face the challenges that lie just around the corner. We also bring a broad base of experience in the larger marketplace to institutional leaders, which can help them to recognize—with time to make adjustments—some of the inevitable challenges they will face.

We’re betting that most of the following will be questions you’ll have to face in one way or another over the next few years, if you’re not facing them already. Continue reading


7 Characteristics of Successful Campaign Volunteers

You will never achieve a 100% success rate in recruiting successful volunteers, despite everyone’s best intentions. However, you can increase the likelihood of your success by carefully considering and assessing your candidates before you ask them to serve.

When seeking volunteers to help you solicit gifts to your campaign, look for individuals who have as many of the following characteristics as possible: Continue reading


How Conducting Your Own Benchmarking Study Can Transform Your Fundraising

A lot of organizations make some pretty big assumptions about their development programs.  These assumptions might sound like: “We need to increase our corporate gifts,” or “Planned giving just doesn’t work for us.”

Nonprofits frequently look at their own previous fundraising results to plan and strategize.  But the truth is, it can be a challenge to see what’s working, or what you’re not doing so well, until you have an understanding of how you stack up against your peers. Continue reading


Campaign Readiness Checklist

Perhaps you need a new building, some new technology, or a new program. You want to grow and expand, so you’d like to start a campaign. But do you have everything in place to begin? Ensuring campaign readiness will help you to prevent any setbacks during your campaign.

Before you spend the time and effort of performing a careful internal assessment or putting together a campaign planning task force, you need to make sure you meet some basic criteria. Continue reading

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The Elusive “Super Savers” of Planned Giving

Who did you include in your last planned giving mailing? If you just mailed to the usual list of donors, chances are you’re missing out.

Our clients North Park University recently completed the most successful campaign in its history. While performing our post-campaign assessment, we examined all of the bequests they’d received during the campaign. We wanted to see to what degree past giving is an indicator of future likelihood of receiving a planned gift, and if there was a relationship between the amount of historical giving and the size of the planned gift. Continue reading


4 Things Great Fundraising Candidates Do in a Job Search

I’ve worked with several organizations in the past year to help them find chief development officers. When I review candidates for fundraising positions, I look to see how the characteristics they exhibit during a job search will transfer to their work in fundraising. In every search, there are always a handful of candidates that stand out from the pack.

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Four Ways You Can Start Your Fundraising Year Off Strong

As June winds down and summer kicks into high gear, many nonprofits are also closing in on the end of their fiscal year. Whether your year ends June 30, December 31, or on a more creative date, many fundraisers put most of their focus on getting to that finish line.

Chances are you’ll have a lot to be proud of, especially since giving reached an all-time high in 2014. While it’s important to celebrate your accomplishments, it’s equally important to not let the celebration last too long into the new year.

Momentum is your friend. It’s understandable to want to catch your breath after sprinting to the finish line. But your new year will be much less stressful if you follow these four tips to help you get a good start at the beginning of the year. Continue reading


Positioning Your Organization for Growth Post-Recession

By Jon Heintzelman and Dean Rein

When the Great Recession hit in 2007, many financial advisors were telling investors to stay in the market in order to, eventually, benefit from an anticipated rebound. But that’s the world of investing. In the nonprofit world, this advice would prove to be nearly impossible to follow.

With a decline in the economy, giving also declined. Reduced funding meant that we had to take a hard look at our budgets and make some tough decisions.  Many nonprofits were forced to reduce staffing and resources for development operations.

According to the Giving USA report released last week, giving has finally surpassed the high from before the recession. When we’re working with clients, we’re seeing a renewed sense of optimism, and that’s exciting. But how can we make the most of this upward trend to strengthen our development programs and, ultimately, our organizations?

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Infographic: A Basic Analytics Road Map

Is your fundraising team using analytics to enhance its strategy? It’s an increasingly popular buzzword these days, but it might not always be clear what goes into it or how it can improve your program.

In the world of fundraising, analytics encompasses a variety techniques that use data to analyze donor engagement, research prospects, predict donor behavior, evaluate your development program, and project future fundraising performance. Continue reading