The Latest from TW&B: Client Work

Extending Excellence: The Campaign for the McLean County Museum of History

Goal: $3 Million
Raised: $3.36 Million

“Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt helped us lay the groundwork for our campaign and provided excellent advice as our campaign counsel. Nora and Gene laid out a fundraising strategy that worked because it was closely tailored to us. Their ongoing counsel once we were in the campaign was very effective and essential to our fundraising success. The level of board training was also something that we’ll continue to benefit from for years to come!”

Beth Whisman
Executive Director
McLean County Museum of History

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In a New Light: The Campaign for The Baltimore Museum of Art

GOAL: $65 Million
RAISED: $77 Million

“Our campaign committee and development team worked very closely with Gene Brandt and Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt.   They really became our partner in this project and were of great assistance in planning and implementing the campaign.  This campaign represented a huge step forward for the BMA, and we are grateful for the excellent support we received from TW&B.”

Judy Gibbs
Deputy Director for Development
The Baltimore Museum of Art

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Campaign for CFESA

“The concept of our CFESA World Headquarters and Global Training Facility was a game changer for our industry.  The capital campaign was a daunting task with an accelerated time frame.  TW&B Vice President Don Souhrada was an integral member of our fundraising team.  He guided us and took direction as needed.  We are on track to hit our financial goal in less than one year’s time in large part due to our partnership with TW&B.  We are extremely grateful for the advice and counsel throughout this process.”

Kirby Mallon
Chair of Fundraising Committee 

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Campaign North Park

GOAL: $57 Million
RAISED: $63 Million

“From the very first day on the job, our consultants at Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt were integral to our efforts. They began by preparing our development team for a challenging campaign and together we crafted and implemented an initial fundraising strategy that was very successful, despite the economy. I counted on their thoughtful guidance, wise counsel and accomplished experience at each step of campaign planning and implementation.”

David Parkyn 
North Park University

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War Memorial Center

“Dean Rein and Lucia Petrie thoroughly examined our organization and presented us with an actionable plan to take us from where we are to where we want to be. Working with Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt has given us the confidence that we can achieve our vision for the future of the War Memorial Center.”

David Drent 
Executive Director 
War Memorial Center

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