Advancement Reviews & Assessments

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt has a strong history of conducting advancement assessments on behalf of a variety of types of organizations. Whether a comprehensive advancement assessment or an assessment of a particular program area, we can help organizations identify and implement opportunities for improvement in order to reach new levels of success.

Comprehensive Development AssessmentAnnual Giving AssessmentMajor and Planned Giving AssessmentCorporate and Foundation RelationsDevelopment CommunicationsMarket/Prospect AssessmentPersonnel Assessment

Comprehensive Development Assessment

A Development Assessment is often the first important step in preparing internally for a major fundraising campaign. If you are not planning for a campaign, the Development Assessment can help solve other fundraising challenges within your organization, and identify unrealized opportunities, as well.

How does the Assessment work? We will conduct interviews with key personnel and volunteers. We will then examine internal and external fundraising materials, analyze records and research recent activity, evaluate your organizational structure, and assess attitudes and morale among your staff and leadership. We take a hard look at your marketing efforts and past fundraising effectiveness, and we share best practices based on our experience in the industry. We will address head-on the issues that inevitably surface during the investigative process.

We will prepare recommendations and present short-term and long-range strategies, all designed as a roadmap to help you achieve organizational success. And, we will work with you to ensure that effective implementation of our recommendations and strategies takes place.

Annual Giving Assessment

The Annual Giving Assessment is a chance to “tune up” your annual fund for maximum effectiveness. We evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data on your existing effort, including telemarketing and direct mail, to determine what is limiting your success and recommend program enhancements as appropriate. We also help you strengthen and market your giving clubs.

If you manage a membership program or wish to begin one, Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt can help you enhance your program to broaden your base of support and maximize the total yield from each of your current constituents.

The Major and Planned Giving Assessment

The Major and Planned Giving Assessment is designed to help you develop prospect review and solicitation strategies; create and implement marketing, training, and evaluation tools for building or expanding your planned giving program; and leveraging strong annual fund programs which are the base of major and planned giving initiatives.

The Corporate and Foundation Relations Assessment

This Assessment can help you determine the nature and extent of your reach into the institutional giving community. Specifically, we can help you conduct preliminary research on qualified corporate and foundation leads, develop strategic grant solicitation approaches, and even draft full grant proposals with all necessary supporting documents.

The Development Communications Assessment

The Development Communications Assessment includes the development and composition of a case for support, annual, planned giving and capital campaign marketing materials, key internal and external fundraising reports, and presentation resources.

Market/Prospect Assessment

Like the campaign feasibility study, the Market or Prospect Assessment helps you identify and evaluate targeted prospective supporters from among your individual, corporate, and foundation constituents (both actual and potential). We conduct research to determine each constituent group’s receptivity to institutional plans, recognition and acceptance of intended roles, interest in priority initiatives, and willingness to offer human and/or financial capital to ensure the plan’s success.

Personnel Assessment

The Personnel Assessment is an evaluation of current staff resources in light of established or anticipated fundraising goals at the institution-wide or program/unit level. The study, however, is not a performance review of any individual or group. Rather, it is an assessment of strengths and limitations in staff resources and responsibilities, and a recommendation of possible measures for positive change and increased effectiveness.