Board and Volunteer Leadership

Board & Volunteer Leadership Development

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt provides Board and volunteer leadership initiatives aimed
at improving the following areas:

Board Organization and Structure

We can help strengthen your Board’s governance capabilities and give members a heightened sense of meaningful engagement by assessing and/or establishing sound officer roles, committee structures, and operational standards for the governing body.

Board Recruitment and Retention

We can help identify and screen potential candidates from among an institution’s constituents and contacts. We can also develop job descriptions, membership criteria, and offer other strategies to ensure that recruitment activities are successful and that mutually agreed upon expectations are clearly understood and communicated to potential and existing Board members.

Board Training and Support

Our firm helps Board members and other key volunteers perform their roles and responsibilities with confidence and skill by offering general and group-focused services such as facilitating focused meetings and retreats. We also work with individual Board members and volunteers to develop fundraising skills such as prospect cultivation and solicitation techniques.