Campaign Planning & Oversight

We test ambitious campaign goals, your institution’s readiness to take them on, and design strategies and tactics to help reach those goals.

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The Campaign Feasibility Study

Good fundraising does not happen in a vacuum. It is important to know how your potential volunteers and donors will react to your plans before launching your program. Our Campaign Feasibility Studies gather the external information needed to determine whether or not our clients will achieve success in a major fundraising campaign.

We initiate our feasibility study assignments with a Campaign Readiness Assessment to analyze the development infrastructure and mechanics of the organization, as well as the important and sometimes more intangible question of whether the institution and its leaders are ready for the sustained effort that a campaign requires. We will help you draft the initial Case for Support, which articulates the needs your campaign is addressing, the impact it will have, and discusses the financial objectives.

Through meaningful conversations with your prospects, we will identify campaign leadership, articulate and quantify your dollar goals, analyze and prioritize the objectives of your campaign in ways that are most compelling to prospects, and use our expertise as fundraisers and consultants to provide actionable and realistic recommendations for your unique situation. Most importantly, we provide you with specific and very concrete next steps, not just a mass of information that you would rather run from than act upon.

Campaign Counsel

We are proud that the majority of our clients have put our feasibility study recommendations into immediate action for immediate results. For many, outside counsel is critical to maintain momentum, enhance internal expertise, and ensure effectiveness. We will develop a customized plan to give ongoing support throughout your campaign, specific to your organizational needs.