Post-Campaign Assessment

Congratulations! Your organization has successfully wrapped up its Campaign – achieving its desired financial goals, engaging greater numbers of donors than ever before, and boosting its visibility in the community. You are confident in your ability to steward your supporters and are already looking to the next challenge on the horizon.

All campaigns, no matter the size, demand much of staff and volunteers in terms of time, energy and resources. It is no wonder, then, that we often find ourselves exhausted at the close of such efforts – eager to return to more normal routines at the office. Our best volunteers, too, may feel fatigued after giving so much of themselves to this type of initiative, and since there is less for them to do we see them slowly slip away.

While everyone’s post-Campaign impulses may lead them to “pack up their tents” and retreat, Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt knows that in today’s competitive fundraising environment organizations cannot simply conclude such an effort with little to no afterthought. This is why our firm offers the Post Campaign Advancement Assessment, ideal for institutions winding down a Campaign and asking themselves, “What’s next?”

This analysis, conducted over the span of approximately two months, aims to answer critical questions, including:

  • What were the greatest achievements of this Campaign?
  • Which donors and volunteers must we focus most closely on to keep engaged, and how best can this be achieved?
  • What do our stakeholders see as the next steps for our organization?
  • How can our Development office capitalize on the successes of the Campaign to increase its productivity and fundraising in the future?
  • Where, if any, are there gaps in activity and/or staff as we look to the future?

In addition to addressing these key issues, the Post Campaign Assessment will provide an action plan as your organization moves into the next phase of activity.

With a broad scope and focus, the Assessment is designed to examine your overall Development program with recommendations for immediate and longer-term program changes to improve results.

Such a study will improve institutional fundraising by honing in on key elements that require attention in order to best capitalize on the increased levels of activity that always surround a Campaign.

Additionally, it will:

  • Help staff, Board members and volunteers recognize how best to take advantage of a Campaign’s greatest successes;
  • Allow your office to determine how to cultivate and steward your best donors
  • Determine where to concentrate activity to uncover new, untapped sources of philanthropic income.

The Post-Campaign Advancement Assessment relies both on the data, reports, and documents generated by your Development office as well as a wide swath of staff and volunteer interviews conducted by TW&B’s consulting team.


You will receive an in-depth report detailing our firm’s findings, observations and recommendations. This document will also include strategic advice and an outline
of steps to take in order to best capitalize on the outcome of your Campaign.

We will present the report – to staff and/or your Board – and facilitate a careful discussion of the most pressing steps to be taken and/or changes to be made. Your consultant(s) will work with you to identify the best ways to implement your plans.

Time Frame

Because the scope and depth of each Assessment is adapted for individual organizations, timelines can vary depending on objectives, number of interviews, etc. Therefore, 8-10 weeks should be enough for most institutions. We know the value of quick response to a changing philanthropic environment and want to give you more information and tools as soon as possible, so that you can make the best-informed decisions.