Quick Analysis for Results

Organizations cannot afford to have underperforming fundraising segments in this economic environment. Fundraising executives are charged with spending more time with donors, meaning less time with staff. Less experienced staff may not know the most effective ways to boost program results; fundraising strategies may need rapid re-tooling. We help organizations address important questions:

  • Is each segment of your development program working at its highest level to achieve its revenue goals?
  • Does your newer staff fully understand how to maximize revenue and control costs in the programs they manage?
  • Do you need help turning around an under-performing fundraising program for the best revenue results?

Your development programs may need a tune-up-in cost-effectiveness, in implementation, in staff knowledge, in results. To serve those needs, TW&B offers its Quick Analysis for Results-providing executives with an intensive analysis of an underperforming fundraising segment, objective evaluation, and a clear action plan for increased results.

If one (or more) of your fundraising segments-membership, annual fund, board giving, major gifts, corporate program, capital campaign, or stewardship systems would benefit from an intensive analysis and clear action steps for increasing contributed revenue, the Quick Analysis for Results can be a very helpful tool.

What It Is

Quick Analysis for Results is designed to focus on a specific segment of your development program, with recommendations for immediate and longer-term program changes to improve results.

This quick fundraising analysis will focus on those elements of your fundraising program that will have the greatest impact on results. Additionally, it:

  • Helps time-stretched development executives quickly get a better understanding of what is working and what is not in a specific fundraising program.
  • Helps less-experienced staff understand the key factors that affect fundraising performance and provides focused strategies and tactics to increase fundraising effectiveness.

This process takes approximately 3 days. We know the value of quick response to a changing philanthropic environment and want to give you more information and tools quickly, so that you can make the best-informed decisions.


You’ll receive a brief report that “grades” specific areas of the targeted program, with recommendations (and reasons) for improvement where needed. The report also includes an evaluation of trends in your fundraising results, strategic recommendations, and an outline of steps to take-both now and in the longer-term-to increase fundraising results.

We present the report and recommend that you plan to spend one half-day for discussion of the underlying strategic recommendations and the steps you need to take to implement program changes. Your consultant will work with you to identify the most effective changes and best practices you can adopt to increase fundraising effectiveness.