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Whether you’re entry level or you have decades of nonprofit experience, it’s always important to make sure you’re taking the time to hone your skills.

A Guide to Writing a Gift Acceptance Policy

Occasionally gifts from well-meaning donors present a dilemma for nonprofits. Not only will a set of gift policies be helpful for making decisions within the organization, it can also be used to communicate with donors and clarify gift expectations. The sample gift policy included thoroughly outlines most of the potential guidelines that a gift acceptance policy may cover.

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achieving-campaign-goals-RGB-COVERAchieving Challenging Campaign Goals

When planning a campaign, you’ll need to consider the various areas of need within your organization, and also determine where it’s all going to come from. This guide will help you set challenging fundraising goals that fit your organization’s needs and resources.

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soliciting-major-gifts-RGB-COVERSoliciting Major Campaign Gifts

For first-timers, soliciting major gifts can be a daunting task. This guide was developed to help volunteers learn the planning processes and strategies that help to make a successful ask.

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practical-approaches-to-strategic-planning-RGB-COVERPractical Approaches to Strategic Planning

Good strategic planning is an extremely valuable management tool. The planning process allows individuals with a stake in the institution to investigate the purpose, status, and needs of the organization and determine the best course of action from each level of involvement.

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a-guide-to-writing-your-case-for-support-RGB-COVERWriting Your Case for Support

Learn how to craft a compelling message for your campaign that connects with potential donors. Along with writing guidelines, we’ve included a sample case statement to help begin your writing process.

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guide-to-gift-tables-RGB-COVERCreating & Using Gift Tables

Learn how gift tables can help you strategically plan your campaign, communicate with your board and administration, and even communicate with potential donors. Along with guidelines, we’ve included 6 potential gift tables for 6 potential campaign goals.

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