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Download: A Guide to Writing a Gift Acceptance Policy

Occasionally gifts from well-meaning donors present a dilemma for nonprofits. Some gifts-in-kind may be more trouble than they’re worth, or a gift with unusual restrictions may conflict with your fundraising goals.

Not only will a set of gift policies be helpful for making decisions within the organization, they can also be used to communicate and clarify gift expectations to potential donors. This free guide outlines the need for and variety of uses for a gift policy, and also includes a sample gift acceptance policy.

The sample gift acceptance policy provides a detailed example for policies on:

  • Use of legal counsel
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Types of gifts accepted
  • Gift restrictions
  • Gifts of real property
  • The establishment of a gift committee and its role and processes
  • Gift stewardship, solicitation, and recognition
  • Named gifts, including endowments, funds, and facilities
  • Management and investment of gifts, endowments, and named funds
  • And other provisions.

Download: A Guide to Writing a Gift Acceptance Policy