Planning & Leadership

At Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt, we focus on more than just short-term wins. We work with nonprofits to foster long-term success.

Incorporating industry best practices, we work with our clients to strengthen leadership and develop strategies that achieve big goals. We want to help you build the foundation to do transformative work long after our job is done, in the years and decades to come.

Planning & Leadership Services

Strategic Planning

Successful strategic planning begins with strategic thinking.  Strategic thinking prepares an organization to realistically define both its vision and its desired impact.  Strategic planning charts the pathway for change that connects the two.

At TW&B, we’ll guide you along each step of the strategic planning process. We help you take stock of where you are as an institution, define and refine your mission and vision, outline your goals, and develop an action plan to help you achieve them. We’ll work with you hands-on to conduct interviews with stakeholders and constituents, benchmark and evaluate your environment, develop and guide planning committees, and coordinate board retreats. By engaging key leaders and stakeholders from the board and staff, we’ll be able to help your organization strengthen its mission and realize it into the future.

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Organizational Analysis

Campaigns aren’t the only time nonprofits should step back and take stock.

In an organizational analysis, TW&B will take a look at your current objectives and assess what it will take you to reach them. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your organizational structure, by-laws, volunteer and staff responsibilities, office capabilities, human and program resources, and operating budgets. We then carefully develop recommendations to strengthen any weak points within your organization to make sure you’re well-prepared to take on that exciting next step.

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Board Development

A strong board can be your biggest asset. At TW&B, we work to help nonprofits develop healthy board practices that maximize board effectiveness and fundraising capacity.

We’ll assess your board and its by-laws, work with you to recruit and retain members, help you establish effective structures, and train volunteer board fundraisers. With strong board practices in place, your organization will be positioned for growth into the future.

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Interim Development Leadership

When you’re in between development leaders, you can’t afford to let your fundraising work grind to a halt.

At TW&B, we offer interim development leadership to maintain gift revenue and strengthen your development program. We also work with growing organizations to create and execute fundraising plans before nonprofits are ready to hire development staff. Whatever your needs are, we’ll step in and help you prepare for the smoothest possible transition.

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