Research & Analytics

Organizations are increasingly expected to do more with less.

Adapting a data-driven approach can help nonprofits fundraise and operate more effectively. At Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt, we’ll help you use data to make strategic decisions that drive growth and expand the impact of your organization.

Research & Analytics Services

Wealth Screening & Data Modeling

There may be prospects in your database that are still flying under your radar.

With our partners at DonorSearch, TW&B will screen your data to help you uncover philanthropically inclined prospects with a large capacity to give. We work closely with your organization’s donor data and wealth screening results to help you discover and rank prospective donors. With this new information, you’ll be able to use your resources more effectively to build and strengthen relationships with your best prospects.

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Portfolio Analysis

Is your development staff focusing on the best prospects?

We’ll evaluate donor data to balance each portfolio with an eye toward reaching each fundraiser’s personal goal. With stronger prospect portfolios, your development officers will be more productive, accountable and motivated to close the solicitations necessary to reach your organization’s fundraising goals.

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Prospect Research

Once you’ve selected your top prospects, it helps to know a bit more about them.

TW&B has experienced researchers ready to work directly with your team to develop detailed profiles of your top prospects.  These profiles cover any relevant information you may need to strategize approaching a major donor, including wealth indicators, past giving to your organization or others, career and education backgrounds, and any corporate or nonprofit board memberships.

Knowing more about your prospects will help you to thoughtfully cultivate individual donors, increase the confidence of your volunteer solicitors, and help to make your solicitations more effective.

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Institutional Benchmarking

When you want to strengthen your fundraising, it helps to know where to start.

Combining qualitative and quantitative data, our benchmarking studies compare your development program to similar institutions. You’ll uncover your fundraising strengths and blind spots and have the information you need to take your fundraising to the next level.

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Constituent Surveys

What messages do your major giving prospects find compelling? How well do your donors feel they were stewarded and thanked for their past gifts? Which of your organization’s initiatives are they most passionate about?

Through digital and face-to-face surveys, we can take the temperature of your development operations on a small or large scale. Whether your scope is specific or broad, surveys can help your organization have a better idea of what your constituents are looking for to incorporate them into future strategy decisions.

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